It's Angrying Up My Blood - Crimson Death Chapter Sixty-Four
They're following the police chief, but Anita doesn't know why. Despite being here as a consultant for a series of grisly murders she is uninterested in anything that doesn't involve someone she cares about.

"Where were Edward and Domino? I wanted to find everyone, but I wasn’t emotionally attached to anyone else."

Who gives a shit, Anita? This is an emergency, so try acting like there's a reason you should be in this book!

They find Sheridan shell-shocked outside a door. Apparently someone (the Gardai? Nolan's team? It's not specified; she just says "we") "found a vampire" (how does one find a vampire, exactly? Did they trip over it? Was there a Craigslist ad? What?) and stuffed it in this room in a bodybag while they built a containment room for it. It is apparently before dark so no one thought it would be a problem until then.

"She looked at me as if she didn’t like me much, but I didn’t care. “The storage room had a lock on it. It was supposed to keep people from walking in on the body, not to keep it in, but Logan must have come to check on it, and it woke up early and it killed him.”"

So Domino and Podward are tracking it down using Domino's sense of smell.

"Her gaze had slid to the side again, as if she couldn’t bear to focus on anything for too long. Her reaction could have been from just the violence of it to someone she knew, but I didn’t think it was just that. Yeah, Logan had been an ass, and it had been a mistake to date, but she’d cared for him. I wondered if she’d known just how much she cared for him until now. Fuck."

Why, especially in what is supposed to be in an action book, are we supposed to assume that Sheridan was in love with this man rather the very understandable grief and shock of finding your teammate dead? It's like Anita doesn't understand that there are other ways to feel about people that are deep attachments without being "in love, " or whatever passes for it in the Anitaverse.

"“Yes,” Jake said. We’d worked it out that whichever wereanimal had the best nose was just supposed to take the lead on things like this, rather than debate it. Wolf beat tiger and apparently jackal, and we hadn’t brought any wererats, which actually had one of the best noses in the wereanimal kingdom."

Wait, who's a jackal? Do we have a werejackal? Has there ever been a werejackal before?

"I glanced behind us at Sheridan leaning against the wall by the door where maybe the off-again, on-again almost-love-of-her-life was lying dead."

What??? They dated. She broke it off. They continued to work together in a profession where you frequently trust your teammates with your lives. He was clearly a hotheaded asshole. What about this screams "romantic love" to her rather than "complex team mechanics"? Is the author ham-handedly trying to make it more tragic or something?

They go after Podward and Domino, Anita still concerned about Sheridan (which is good, considering how she normally responds to people's problems) and about more carnage but remembering that Podward is ahead of her on the trail so she's not terribly worried about the ultimate outcome.

Tl/dr - A short chapter in which the bare bones of Sheridan's brief dating past are whipped up into a melodramatic frenzy by Anita. Or the author.


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