It's Angrying Up My Blood - Crimson Death Chapter Sixty-Five
Someone read about a new manouever!

"“THERE’S A MAN screaming up ahead,” Jake said.
“Stack and move,” I said.
We stacked up on Jake, one hand on the shoulder of the person in front of us, gun in the other hand ready but pointed down. Except for Damian, who hadn’t trained with us; the rule was if you didn’t train for stacking and moving, then you kept your gun holstered until we weren’t standing on top of each other."
I put my hand against Nicky’s back, because his shoulder was a little high to hold and move at the shuffle-jog. Damian didn’t have any trouble putting his hand on my shoulder. Getting the rhythm of the shuffle step was a little harder for him, but he was more graceful than I would ever be, so he managed not to step on me. It was a formation that worked well in crowds, and if we were going into a dangerous situation. Logan was dead, so dangerous it was."

I'm not sure where to begin with this. First of all, so far as I can tell the whole "stack and move" thing is an entry technique, and they're not outside a building. At least, I don't think they are. Last I saw they were still in the police station, so hanging on to the person ahead of you while you shuffle down a hallway when you're not making an entrance approach makes you seem like kindergartners on a school trip trying not to get lost. And the formation has some serious drawbacks vis a vis being fired on; your people are all in a big lump which means one dude with an automatic weapon can spray all of them. And who is training them in this stuff and where is it happening? The Circus is big, but the reader won't buy that it's big enough to hold an entire live-firing neighborhood course. (At the very, very least, the ricochets off the stone walls would be lethal...) Anita apparently trained with the St. Louis SWAT, but last we knew she was under investigation by IA for the shootout with Dominga Salvador's son, and anyway that doesn't mean that they'd allow her people to train with them too, nor does it mean she's even remotely qualified to train her people herself. And does the author not realize that Jean-Claude having his own private army that trains in SWAT and military tactics (supposedly, anyway; it's not like they're accurate but everyone in the Anitaverse acts like they are) is going to get the attention of the US government in a very big and very angry way? The government does not like armed groups with affiliations to a central non-governmental leader. They are very firm on this point. Everything about Anita and Jean-Claude's empire screams "imminent US takeover" and in a sane universe they would be dealt with swiftly and viciously.

"I was pretty certain that the screaming man wasn’t Edward, and it was unlikely to be Domino, but it was somebody. Saving somebody would be good. We came out into a larger opening; it wasn’t exactly a room, but it seemed too big to call it a hallway. Did police stations have entryways like a house? I just didn’t know enough about architecture to know what to call it."

Draw a map and get a dictionary before you write. There is no excuse to leave the reader confused and wandering like this.

"We widened our formation to something that looked like the point of a spear, with Jake still at the head of it. Now we all had better views of what was happening at the door, and if we had to use our guns we wouldn’t shoot each other. "

They'll just shoot literally everyone else in the next block over. Great. I don't think the author understands how far a rifle slug can travel. (Hint: really really fucking far.)

Apparently the Moro(ro)ven is telling her vampires to walk out into the sunlight.

"Damian whispered to me, “She is calling. She wants us to come to her.”
“Why? Why would she want all her vampires to go out into the sunlight?”
“Maybe it amuses her,” he said.
“Is she really that crazy?” I asked.

Some experts they are. So far they have contributed absolutely nothing to the investigation and here they are, still with no contributions and no answers.

"We moved up so we’d have a clean shot if it came to that."

You are in a building. A building you've admitted to not knowing the layout of. In a city where the buildings are stacked on top of one another. You do not, in fact, have a clear shot. You might be able to shoot the vamp, but the rifle slug will go through and keep going, probably killing civilians in the process. You do not know this city and you have no business carrying weapons in it.

"Pearson turned enough to see us, but not enough to give the vampire his back. Good for him. “Marshal Blake, please stay back.”
“We talked to Sheridan,” I said.
“This is still a citizen of Ireland who deserves a chance at a trial.”
“Logan was one of your men. How can you say his murderer deserves anything?”
“Anita’s right. In America we’d have a warrant of execution for all the vampires involved in these crimes,” Edward said.
“We do not execute people in Ireland,” Pearson said, his voice rising."

Oh for fuck's sake- are they really trying to talk the police chief into breaking the law? In front of witnesses? Because 'Merica? Anita (and Podward, who is basically an Anita mouthpiece now) are unbelievably stupid. They're like the Canadian teenagers who come down here and drink booze and smoke weed and get angry when they get caught because "We're Canadian!" You're not diplomats, dillweeds; you're in a country, you are subject to the country's laws. End of story.

The vampire makes as if to step outside, and is tackled by police officers. It smashes its way through them and Anita does nothing but watch. This is exceptionally stupid because Anita has enough necromatic powerups at this point that she should be able to control a very new vampire. But nope, she doesn't do anything that doesn't involve either shooting someone or laying like a dead fish and wailing whilst being porked, so a bunch of cops die because Anita can't be bothered to send her wereanimals and her daywalking vampire in to restrain a low-strength vampire.

The Moro(ro)ven posesses the vampire and chats at Damien and Anita, then rolls a police officer and sends him running at Podward and co. Podward knocks the officer out, and the vampire steps out into the sunlight.

"The sunlight would do our job for us; all we had to do was wait for the screaming to stop, and then put out what was left."

Anita is bound and determined not to lift a finger to actually help anyone.

Tl/dr - Anita has a snit fit because the laws of the country she's in apply to her, so she lets a bunch of police officers die instead of sending in her ancient powerful wereanimals and her daywalking vampire to restrain a newbie vamp she probably could have rolled herself with necromancy. Because 'Merica.


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