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It's Angrying Up My Blood - Crimson Death Chapter Sixty-One

"SOMEONE WHO KNEW more about jet lag than I did put us in a room with a window. Apparently, as much sunlight as possible even the second day you land in a different time zone helped you not get so much lag in your jet-set lifestyle."

Anita sounds like someone who has never set foot past the state line, much less a different country. (She also sounds poncey AF, but we knew that already.)

"Natural sunlight on your skin outside was better, but we’d take what we could get while we looked at the crime scene photos. Nathaniel, Dev, Fortune, Pride, Donnie, and Griffin all went out to sightsee in the sunshine."

Wait, who the fuck is Griffin? Probably one of Nolan's team, I guess? Then why are they and Donnie out "sightseeing"? One, they live here, and two, aren't they supposed to be solving this case and not just babysitting Anita's boytoys?

"Nathaniel kissed me good-bye, and I wrapped the feel of him around me like you’d wrap your favorite robe, a comfort object that just happened to be the man I loved."

Don't get me wrong, Nathaniel is a manipulative rapist, but that doesn't mean that reducing people to objects is okay. Also, way to make your supposedly tough heroine sound like Princess Fluffybuttpants from the Tower of Perpetual Comfiness.

Dev would like to kiss Anita. Anita has the first qualm she's ever had about it.

"I tried not to be too kissy-face at work, because it played hell with your reputation. "

Except she never does anything about it except complain about how people are small-minded. Then she does it anyway.

Hugging Dev and Nathaniel at once makes her miss Micah. There is an entire page about the exact specifications of how they fit together in hugs, but sadly no explanation of how this helps the plot or fits in an action book. Three pages of cuddling commence, ending in a kiss that Anita says would have given her a boner if she'd been a man. No, really.

"If I’d been a man, Devereux wouldn’t have been the only one who needed to adjust things before we walked away."

Why is she referring to him by his last name? His first name was Devlin a few chapters back, right?

"Dev laughed and let himself be pulled away. I saw Detective Sheridan watching us and knew that there’d be no misunderstandings now about her attraction to this particular tall, blond man. Good."

All men belong to Anita. All of them. She'll toss away any of them that don't meet her specifications (pretty, long-haired, rare eye colors, physiques described with conflicting descriptors) but they all belong to her, and don't you forget it.

She kisses Fortune, too, because to hell with that thing about being unprofessional.

"Acknowledgment was important to Fortune and to Dev, to Devereux. Wasn’t it weird that I liked him better with that name attached to him? Dev seemed unfinished, like a nickname for something longer, and since it was short for Devil, which I was never going to cry out in a moment of passion, Devereux made me happier. Maybe Shakespeare had been wrong, and a rose by any other name wouldn’t be as sweet?"

Or maybe Anita is immensely shallow. Also gdi, his name was Devlin Devereaux, right? Why is she acting like his first name is Devereaux?

"I was actually sad to see Nathaniel and Dev go without me. It would have been nice to go out holding hands and being all romantic tourist with them. But I had a job to do, so I joined Edward in the room where we’d look for clues."

Oh dear gods, does this mean we're going to get a book with no crime or conflict and it's just Anita and company sightseeing? That's what we're heading towards, isn't it?

"Nicky helped me place Echo and Damian in their lightproof bags at the sides of my chair"

Have fun tripping over them no matter which way you get up!

"I looked at the first victim with their throat torn open and thought, I really don’t want to be here. I wanted to be out in the sunshine with Nathaniel and Dev and Fortune and even Donnie and Griffin. They both seemed pleasant and would probably be good tour guides for the city. I promised myself that I would get a few days of vacation in here with my people before we flew home."

I just...Look, clearly Anita should retire from being a Bizarro-world Marshall. When the character wants out this badly, it's time to take it in a different direction. Jean-Claude apparently has more money than God, she has over a dozen people waiting on her hand and foot, and she clearly doesn't want to solve crimes any more. The solution is obvious.

"I would, damn it, but first we had a mystery to solve. Why were vampires spreading through Dublin for the first time in their history? Why was the fairy magic of the city’s land fading? Why wasn’t Damian’s old master policing the new vampires or destroying them? Had she really lost that much power, and had she lost it because we’d killed the Mother of All Darkness? How did we find the vampire who had started all this in the city, if it wasn’t M’Lady? How did we find the vampire that seemed to be enjoying tearing people’s throats out? How did we keep more of the families of Dublin from joining the Brady family as the new undead? We had so many questions; what we needed were answers, and that was why I didn’t get to play tourist."

At sixty-fucking-one chapters in we should have more answers than this, that's for damned sure!

Anita says that if she doesn't do her job, more people will die. What job? She hasn't done anything yet! Magda knocked a door down, they saw a crime scene for ten minutes, Anita screamed at an elderly woman and got a description that fits over a million Irish citizens, and the only other crime scene available was burnt down before they could attend! What, precisely, is her job? Is it failing to help in any way? Because she's doing a damned good job of that!

"Being made a vampire against your will was still murder in the United States; it’d be interesting to see how Irish law handled it. It takes a while to get used to the thought that your victim can give testimony in their own murder trial. It would be up to Irish courts and politicians to decide if being turned against your will was considered murder here; all I knew was that back home Edward and I would have had warrants of execution on the asses of every vampire involved in this, as I looked at the photos of fang marks, torn throats, and a few bodies just torn apart—killing whoever had done this totally worked for me."

Except that when she talked to Roarke- who was clearly implying this was the Moro(ro)ven's fault- she acted as though she was just going to stand by and let the Gardai take care of it without intervening. So which is it, Anita? Are you going to kill the Moro(ro)ven or are you going to let the government handle it? Also, maybe when you're operating in another country it would be a good idea to research the laws of the country you're in? And don't try to tell me they don't have laws for this; the legal system of the UK is laws on top of other laws on top of other laws like a very dry layer cake starting from the Magna Carta or thereabouts. They have laws for every bloody thing imaginable; there will be a precedent to build on here, vampires or no vampires.

Tl/dr - Anita goes in a room. Most of her entourage goes sightseeing. We are told that Anita looks at some crime scene pictures.
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