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It's Angrying Up My Blood - Crimson Death Chapter Sixty-Six

So Anita watches Pearson attempt to put the vampire out with a fire extinguisher and pontificates internally, allowing the reader to see how she feels about taking oaths to serve and protect.

"Vampires burn hot enough to melt human flesh and rupture bones from the heat. I didn’t agree with what Pearson was doing, but that close to the flames it was like standing near the door to hell. It was incredibly brave, and I didn’t understand why he was risking his life to try to save someone who had killed one and probably three of his officers. I’d have let the bastard burn. Logan could have been bloodlust, but the others at the door weren’t."

The thing is, Pearson took an oath to uphold the law of his country. That clearly means something to him. This also just as clearly shows that Anita isn't interested in any oaths that don't come from people swearing allegiance to her. She must have taken an oath of office when she became the Anitaverse version of a Marshal, but we certainly don't hear anything about that and how it relates to her own work.

Anita knows that the vampire will only stop burning when it's out of the sun and she is in fact there to consult about vampires but she refuses to say anything to the police. Once again she is refusing to do her job.

"I heard Nicky whisper behind me, “Burn, baby, burn.”"

Disco inferno? I mean, that is the only logical follow-up to that comment.

The reader is not surprised that the flaming, panicking vampire grabs the nearest person, a police officer, around the wrist. If Anita had intervened, this wouldn't have happened, but of course this doesn't come up in the book because Anita Is Blameless At All Times because she is a wish-fulfillment vehicle and not actually a character any more. Kaazim severs the vampire's arm at the wrist and carries the officer inside, out of the sunlight.

Two pages are wasted in telling us where everyone is standing and what Anita is doing with her hands and how her firing hand needs to be free. Damien has come outside with a coat over his head because he's too scared to daywalk otherwise, and he cuddles with Anita while the vampires continues to burn and scream and Anita and her people stand around doing nothing.

"If it had been human, then it would have passed out, and at least have been unconscious toward the end. It also wouldn’t have been able to keep screaming. There are all sorts of screams, but these were some of the worst I’d heard. They were higher and more piteous. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could listen to it without offering to put a bullet in its head to finish things."

Or, y'know, wrap it in a tarp and haul it back inside. Or leave. Or anything other than just standing here doing nothing and leaving the reader to wonder why the fuck Anita is in Ireland if she isn't going to participate in anything.

Since according to Irish law the vampire is still a citizen, and since Anita and her boytoys have done nothing to help except offer to shoot the vampire, something they know is illegal under Irish law and thus something the police cannot use in any way, an ambulance has been called. Anita decides now is the time to intervene, and attempts to talk Pearson out of the ambulance without giving any other options (such as having her ancient powerful werecreatures roll it up in a tarp and immobilize it until nightfall, when it can be given over into the care of the Harlequin vamps who have already proven they can control the other rogue vamps.)

"Jake and Nicky came up to me, and Jake said, “They need an armed guard.”
“Are you kidding me?” I asked.
“I wish I were.”
“That man is too hurt to do anything to anyone,” Pearson said.
“He is not a man, Superintendent. He is a vampire,” Jake said.
Pearson shook his head. “No, no. If you had wanted to help, the time to do it was before the ambulance got here.”
“In the future we will offer more aid. We did not dream that you would try to save what was left,” he said."

Good to know that at least someone is going to try and do what they were brought here to do. I don't know why they haven't sent Anita home yet; she hasn't been able to answer a single one of their questions, she narrowed the suspects down to literally two million people, and now she refuses to try and help the police within the confines of their laws to the point where she's withholding information even more than usual. She's not helping. She's not consulting. She's standing around taking up space and complaining instead of participating in what should be the plot.

Suddenly everyone is running towards the ambulance and Anita follows because Podward is running there and she follows him when he runs.

Tl/dr - Anita is actively refusing to participate in the plot. There is no reason for Anita to be in Ireland.
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